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    Advantest U.S. plastic packing £¨Shenzhen£©Company Ltd. is the sole-proprietorship, foreign enterprise of Hong Kong Oitak (Holdings) Investment Company Limited. We have a crowd of excellent experts and technicians to monitor our PE Plastic tubing production and development. Advantest has been focusing on new product and technology development. We are able to cope with advanced technique and equipped range of machineries technique.

     Our company manufactures different types of plastic tubing with various specifications. Tube's diameter ranges from ¦Õ16---¦Õ60, and the content ranges from 5g to 400g. We offer more comprehensive services, such as manufacturing of various kinds of tube, lid and mould, self production of colour master batch, art design, film output and plate making, with an objective to match all requirements of customers through one-stop service. We have strongly committed to serving our customers. Based on our missions-"Customer first and aiming for the best ". We have become a well known tube manufacturer worldwide. Our Company has been committed to excellent quality, satisfying customer's needs, as well as continuous improvement and innovation.

     We maintain strong and stable operation to achieve sustainable development. We emphasize respect for people and keep improving ourselves. We value the customers and appreciate our partnership relations.

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